Membership and prices

In order to drive LetsGo’s cars you need to be a member. Sign up fee DKK 950.

When you use LetsGo’s cars, you pay an hourly rate and for each kilometer driven. The price varies depending on your type of membership.

Additionally, all LetsGo-members pays a fixed price for insurance every month. This ensures that everyone is covered if an accident happens.

LetsGo offers three types of memberships, and we are sure that at least one of them fits your car needs.

The memberships are customised to how often you use a car and how far you drive.

LetsGo's memberships

Membership without fee for the rare car use:

The membership for those, who need an easy and flexible access to cars.

The membership is only DKK 50 per month for insurance. You can find specific prices for the all the cars here.

"If you are not looking to use a car very often but still want access to more than 200 cars, this memberhip is an ideal place to start"

Membership with fee – for the occasional car use:

A membership for those, who need a car occasionally.

The price of the membership is DKK 220 + DKK 50 a month for insurance. See our specific prices for the cars and add-on membership here.

"The favorite membership. With this memberhip you can book cars from 8 pm to 6 am without paying the hourly price and get a lower price on all the cars"

Membership with fee+ - for the frequent car use:

The membership for those, who drive a car frequently and takes longer trips.

The price of the membership DKK 420 a month + DKK 70 a month for insurance. Find specific prices here.

"Share this membership with everyone* from the household and enjoy the very low prices on the longer trips. This membership is a must if you're looking to use cars often and are planning to take longer trips. Also: There is no booking fee"

* You must be +23 years and have a valid Drivers License to become a member*