How it works

LetsGos cars are easy to use, when you are registered as a member. You can see the different kinds memberships here, and choose the one that best fits your needs.

When you are registered, it is easy to get access to a car, when you need it. You will be driving in no time, if you follow these three easy steps:



In order to use LetsGo’s cars you need to be a member.

You can book a car as late as the exact moment you need it. Generally, you will be able to find an available car in Copenhagen and Aarhus on short notice, but especially during the weekends it is a good idea to plan your needs a little earlier. If you make a reservation at least 3 days in advance, we guarantee an available car.

LetsGo has 7 different car types. The price of using a car depends on what type of LetsGo membership you choose. You can see the types of cars and the prices here.

When you use the car, everything is taken care of. The vehicle can be fuelled with a fuel card which is included in the price and placed in the car. It is a little different for the electric cars – you can read more about that here.

If an accident happens, immediately contact LetsGo, who will help you out.

When you are done with the car, you simply need to return it to the place where you picked it up. It is important that you return the car in time and clean up after yourself. That way the car is ready for the next person, who needs to use it.

If you have any further questions please call us at +45 35 35 14 11 or send an e-mail to