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At LetsGo we take the protection of personal information seriously. Here you can read how LetsGo manages personal data as well as how we protect your information. The protection complies with the current legislation.


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We process the following personal data

LetsGo uses your personal information to service you as a member. When you register on the website, you will be asked for your full name, address, e-mail, phone number and date of birth, as well as providing us with a picture of your driver’s license and health insurance card. A valid driver’s license is necessary for you to be able to drive in LetsGo’s cars in accordance with the terms of membership.

LetsGo will communicate with you through your phone number and e-mail address. If you contact us via e-mail, we may keep your inquiry including your e-mail address and our response to you. We will also send you service related e-mails, for example in relation to bookings, changes, cancellation of a shared car, as well as invoices. During your time as a LetsGo-member you will receive newsletters. You can choose not to receive newsletters, except for newsletters containing notices about price regulations, changes to the terms of membership and other important information.

LetsGo uses personal data to specific purposes as described in the following passage and it is valid in accordance to the current legislation.


Protection of personal data

LetsGo collects, stores and processes the following personal data about any registered member. The personal data will only be collected, stored and processed when you are registered as a member of LetsGo.

  • Personal information which includes name, date of birth, address etc.

In connection to a LetsGo-membership, LetsGo collects and stores the following information:

- Name, date of birth, address
- E-mail and phone number
- Driver's license and health insurance card

The personal information will be used for:

- identification
- contacting you in relation to a booking (including changes, cancellations etc.), as well as invoicing.
- checking for a valid driver’s license which matches the member’s information in order to give access to LetsGo’s shared cars.

We store personal data about your driver’s license, name, address etc., as well as invoices and bookings for 5 years after withdrawal from the membership cf. promulgation no. 463 § 7, section 1 and 2 about renting of motor vehicles without a driver. In accordance with the right to be forgotten you will be deleted from our servers 5 years after your withdrawal from the membership.


  • Adress

LetsGo may use your address information to:

  • Analyse where new cars are best placed
  • Statistical market analysis to further distribution of the car sharing servic


  • Credit card information

In connection to a transaction, LetsGo collects the following data:

- Personal credit card information, which are stored with a third-party payment provider. (Quickpay or Altapay)

This information is used to:

- billing you for use of the shared cars as well as membership and insurance etc.

The information will be deleted when you have withdrawn from the membership and your account has been settled, as well as a potential claim between you and LetsGo has been settled.
A copy of all invoices and credit notices, as well as registrations of payments in LetsGo’s bookkeeping system (e-conomic) will be stored. This information will be used for the fund’s bookkeeping and the revision of this, as well as budgeting for the following year.


  • Booking information including start-time, end-time and the registration number of the shared car.

In connection to a booking, LetsGo collects and stores the following information:

- Registration number on the shared car and/or type of car
- Start- and end-time of the booking.

This information is used for:

- informing other members of the availability of the shared car
- settling your drive
- statistics and analyses, as well as optimizing the car usage
- complying with promulgation no. 463 about renting of motor vehicles without a driver.

This information is stored for at least 5 years from the end-time of the booking (cf. promulgation 463 § 7, section 2) or until 5 months after withdrawal from the membership. If 5 years have passed from the end-time of the booking, and the member is still active, the member may request for the booking information to be deleted.


  • Insurance, accidents etc.

In connection to accident- or insurance cases, LetsGo collects and stores the following information:

- Contact information
- Booking information

This information is used for:

- contacting you for further information
- identifying who were driving the car at the time

This information is used for handling cases covered by LetsGo’s terms of membership § 10 for details under accidents etc. The stated information is only used to the necessary extent in order to determine potential legal claims, for instance in relations to further processing with an insurance company. LetsGo stores this data for 5 years after withdrawal of the membership cf. promulgation no. 463 § 7, section 1 and 2 about renting of motor vehicles without a driver.


  • GPS information for shared cars

In connection to GPS information, LetsGo collects and uses the following information:

- Location of the car at any given time
- Number of driven kilometres

This information is used for:

- locating a car missing from its designated parking spot
- settling the number of driven kilometres.

GPS data is deleted after use for locating or settling, as well as when the deadline for objections about an invoice is reached.
Data about driven kilometres for the trip is stored and may be used at a later date for statistics and analytics, as well as optimizing car usage.
GPS is not used for live tracking during your drive. Locating may be handed to the police upon request.


Your rights

As a member of LetsGo, you have the right to:

  • insight into which of your personal data, LetsGo process.
  • have your registered personal data rectified and updated.
  • have your registered personal data deleted, unless LetsGo is obligated by law to store them.

If you are interested in any of the above, please send an e-mail to:



You can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about LetsGo’s processing of your personal information. You can find contact information and more about complaint access here:



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