What are the terms for membership?

Below you can read the terms and conditions of having a membership in LetsGo. You can also view the answers to the most common questions about membership in our FAQ.

§ 1 General rights and obligations

1.1. Everyone aged 23 years and older, who has a valid driver's licence and is not registered as a bad payer/defaulter, can become a member of LetsGo.

1.2. The cars must be used in accordance with the applicable current price lists, instruction books, insurance conditions and existing terms.

1.3. In order to drive LetsGo's cars, it is a prerequisite that the driver has a valid membership - ordinary membership, additional membership or guest membership - of LetsGo, and a valid driver's license and health insurance card is presented to a representative of LetsGo. A copy of the driver's license and health insurance card will be stored by LetsGo.

1.4. A member may, however, travel with another driver, provided the member has ensured that the driver has a valid driver's license and uses the car in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1.2. and that the person is registered as a guest member of LetsGo; see the current price list. The concerned member or additional member is responsible for any damage which the guest member incurs LetsGo. Application for guest membership must be made in writing to LetsGo.

1.5. Notice of termination is 1 month + until the 1st in the following month. The member may use the cars until the membership is terminated. Usage fees and insurance will be charged continuously until the membership is terminated.

§ 2 Key

2.1. Each member of LetsGo receives a personal electronic key upon registration. The electronic key tag is personal and may not be transferred or lent to others.

2.2. The member is responsible for proper storage of the key tag. LetsGo must be informed immediately if a supplied key is lost. The member is responsible for any consequences if this information is not given or is given too late.

2.3. On termination of contract, the key must be returned to LetsGo.

§ 3 Parking space

3.1. LetsGo’s cars have parking spaces on or at specified addresses. The car should be collected from its parking space and returned to the same space after use. If the space is occupied, the car must be parked on the nearest legal parking space without parking time restrictions.

§ 4 Reservation of car

4.1. Booking a car must be done before the car is collected. Using a car without prior reservation and confirmation is not permitted.

4.2. Reservations can be cancelled upon payment of a fee in accordance with the current price list.

4.3. Vehicles can only be used with prior reservation.

4.4. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the car is returned, in accordance with the specified end-time for the reservation.

4.5. If the member does not return the car on time a fine is incurred + any costs, as reflected in the current price list.

4.6. The member who is late in returning the car is obligated to contact LetsGo to inform about the delay.

§ 5 Change of membership types

5.1. Members can change between the types of membership on these conditions:

  • There is a notice period of one month with effect from the 1st in the following month.

  • The change from one type of membership to another is free after a minimum of 6 months. Changing a membership before 6 months is possible upon payment of an administration fee; see current fee list.

§ 6 Payment for use

6.1. There are three kinds of costs associated with the use of LetsGo’s cars:

  1. Reservation fee,
  2. Hourly fee,
  3. Price per kilometre, including fuel and other supplies.

6.2. Payment is charged by registration of payment card on LetsGo's website, unless other agreements have been made. Members must ensure that the registered credit card is active.

6.3. Payment for the drive is calculated according to the prices that are valid at the time of driving.

6.4. After expiration of the period for payment, a reminder is sent with the addition of an administrative fee, in accordance with the current prices. If payment is not received after a second reminder, the member will no longer have the right to use LetsGo’s cars until all remaining bills have been paid. The member's access to the reservation system will be blocked until all remaining bills have been paid.

§ 7 Checking of the car before use

7.1. The member must check the cars condition before use. Inside: check warning lights, e.g. engine failure or air bag, and faults must be rectified before starting your drive. Exterior: check for scratches, dents, punctures etc. New faults - compared to those already registered – must be noted in the "Bemærkninger" (Remarks) on the car's fault list (fejlliste).

§ 8 The condition of the car on return

8.1. The member is obliged to drop off the car at the latest by the expiration of the reserved period.

8.2. Delivery is only done correctly if:

  • the car is parked on the specified parking space and locked. If the space is occupied, the car must be parked on the nearest legal parking space without parking time restrictions.

  • the car contains all the car related papers.

  • the car is checked for scratches, dents, defects and these are noted on the fault list (fejllisten).

  • the car's tank is at least 1/4 full.

  • the car contains all equipment belonging to the car.

  • the car is emptied of waste and personal belongings, cleaned and appears, in at least the same condition, as on pick up.

8.3. Upon incorrect drop off, the defaulting member is imposed a fine in according to the current price list for fees.

§ 9 Maintenance, refuelling, use of vehicles

9.1. Use of LetsGo’s cars must be done with care and caution. All vehicles are non-smoking.

9.2. Animals may only be transported if they are kept in a suitable transport box. The car must subsequently be vacuum cleaned thoroughly before being returned by the member.

9.3. When using the car, the member must check warning lights, liquid levels and tire pressure - according to the instruction manual. In general, the car manual must be followed, and members are responsible for default in this context.

9.4. Use LetsGo's fuel-payment card when refuelling, which is located together with the car's information folder in the glove compartment of the car.

9.5. The Member must ensure the car against theft and vandalism. All visible valuables should be removed from the cabin, before leaving. Forgotten belongings can be handed into a LetsGo's office during opening hours.

§ 10 Minor faults, breakdowns, accidents and injuries

10.1. In the case of faults, breakdown, accidents and damage to the car, LetsGo must be contacted by telephone. Outside of opening hours, use emergency telephone number provided, only if the circumstances are of such a nature that the inquiry cannot be postponed. Advice and guidance from the emergency telephone is only a guidance and LetsGo is not liable.

10.2. LetsGo must be informed as soon as possible of any accident and sudden accidental damage.

10.3. Repairs may only be carried out with permission by LetsGo. Without prior consent, any costs for transportation, towing, workshop, and the like, will not be refunded.

10.4. LetsGo has taken every precaution in order to avoid mechanical errors. Should these errors nevertheless occur, LetsGo is however not responsible, nor for any consequences thereof.

10.5. In case of injury or damage the member is required:

  • to notify the police immediately as the party's guilt must be established, or in the case of personal injury

  • to obtain the names and addresses of the parties involved and any witnesses

  • not to acknowledge liability or guilt

  • not to leave the car, before the necessary precautions have been taken with regard to protection,

  • to send direct to LetsGo a detailed description of the damage and complete the damage report which is located in the car.

10.6. The member is required, to the possible extent, to limit the damage. Further driving, after the damage has occurred, is only allowed with LetsGo’s acceptance.

10.7. The member is responsible for damage that occurs as a result of not abiding by the rules.

10.8. In case of damage or loss of the vehicle, the member is obligated to pay the full costs if the member has breached the contractual obligations, insurance obligations, or the law. In addition, the Member is required to cover expenses up to the excess, listed in the price list for fees.

10.9. A member who is involved in a traffic offence in one of the LetsGo’s vehicles has to pay administrative expenses, see current price list for fees, for LetsGo assistance in the investigation of the case.

§ 11 Loss of driver's license

11.1. If the member no longer has a valid driving licence, they lose the right to use the LetsGo’s cars.

11.2. The member is obliged to immediately inform LetsGo about suspension of his/her driving licence.

§ 12 Fines

12.1. The member is responsible for penalties including parking fines issued during the Member's use of LetsGo's cars. Fines that LetsGo has paid will be charged to the Member responsible.

12.2. LetsGo can inform the Police about which member, at a given time, has used the car.

12.3. Administrative expenses for LetsGo's assistance in the handling of any fine/criminal proceedings in connection with a member's use of cars will be imposed on the member. See price list for fees. Reminder fees and other administrative expenses paid by LetsGo will be charged to the member.

§ 13 Restrictions regarding use of LetsGo's vehicles

13.1. LetsGo’s vehicles may not be used:

  • for the transport of persons or goods in return for payment, either directly or indirectly.

  • to haul or tow another vehicles. Approved trailer according to weight and dimensions may be towed, see the car's manual.

  • for motor sports events, driving lessons on a racing track, or similar.

  • for transportation of machinery, or driving with goods, or foods that cause offensive odours or unusual wear on the car.

  • to drive off-road.

  • by any person who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

  • in certain countries see the website.

§ 14 Settlement of disputes

14.1. In disputes between members on matters relating to LetsGo and understanding of rules, membership terms, price lists, etc., the local Association's Board of directors can be consulted after obtaining relevant information from both of the conflicting parties.