LetsGo car sharing

LetsGo is non-profit and is founded by Københavns Delebiler and Aarhus Delebiler in 2007. LetsGo is led by a committee, which is in part chosen by the two founders.

The organisation is driven by employees from our office in Copenhagen. You can see the LetsGo employees here.

LetsGo is owned by a fund, which means that all potential profit is used to improve our car sharing service and spread it in Denmark.

We take social responsibility in LetsGo. We know that vulnerable groups can be an enormous resource for our business if the right conditions are present. Therefore, we work with the inclusion of unemployed people who, due to reduced working capacity, long-term unemployment and the like, find it difficult to gain a foothold in the labour market under normal conditions.


The management board of LetsGo Car Sharing

This is the names and posts of the people in the management board of LetsGo Car Sharing.

Lulla Forchhammer, chairman.

Lise Bjørg Pedersen, deputy chairman.

Eyolf Østerm, committee member

Lars Emil Krag, committee member

Sofie Randel, committee member

Stig Ravn, committee member