LetsGo is a station based car sharing service, where the car are picked up and returned to same parking spot after use. We have 200 cars dispersed in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. You have to be a member to reserve the cars at our app or website.

LetsGo have had shared cars since 2004. Our members contribute to reducing the congestion in the cities and reduce the CO2- emission.

LetsGo is owned by the Delebil foundation, a non-profit organization



How long does it take before I can drive the cars?
Apply through the “Sign Up”-button, and allow about one weekday to approval of your membership. When approved you will receive an e-mail with a guide about how to use LetsGo.
When you have signed up you may stop by our office on Nørre Farimagsgade 11, and we can approve you within 10 minutes.
Everyone over the age of 23 with a valid driver’s license can be a LetsGo member. You cannot be registered as a defaulter.

What does a membership cover?
You can read more about the different memberships here, and see a comparison here.
Regardless of the chosen membership, you will have access to all LetsGo cars throughout the country. All expenses are included in the price of the membership. In addition to your membership you will also get an insurance that covers in case of car damages.

Can I add a family member to my membership?
Yes, it is possible to add multiple people to a membership for a lower price. The only condition is that you need to have the same address. The price for an additional member depends on your membership type.
Your bills will be shared.

Can I add a member to my membership for a week?
Yes, you can add a guest member, who can act as an extra driver on the longer trips. It is necessary that the member, the guest member is connected to, is in the car.
A guest membership is made a week at a time for a maximum of four weeks.

Can I be a passive member, if I for a period do not need a car?
Yes. It is free to be a passive member at LetsGo. You need to be a passive member for at least six months before the reactivation of your account is free.
If you want your account reactivated before the six months, it will cost 950 kr.


Security Deposit
When you sign up with LetsGo business you will be asked to pay a security deposit of 2.500 DKK excluding VAT. The security deposit will be fully refunded if you don't have any outstanding on your account.

What do I pay for?
As a LetsGo member you pay a sign up fee once and for all, and a monthly subscription and insurance. Your membership determines how much you pay for the time, you reserved the car, and for every driven kilometre. The price includes fuel, washing, oil and washer fluid. Get the pin code here (requires login).

How do I pay?
The payment will happen automatically trough the card, you registered to your membership.

Does it cost anything to cancel a booking?
If you cancel at least three days before the booking, the cancellation is free. It is also free if you cancel a booking within the first hour after booking.
Outside of these criteria the price for cancellations is 30 % of the hourly price.


How do I book a car?
You book through our online booking system. You choose where, you want to pick up the car, what type of car you prefer, as well as the time you want to book the car. Afterwards you can pick up the car on the chosen address.
You only need to remember to return the car to its regular parking space before your booking ends. Therefore, we recommend booking the car for more than you need.

Can I be sure to always get a car?
On weekdays it is mostly possible to book a car without warning. In the weekends it is a good idea to book a car a few weeks in advance.
If all cars are occupied and you need the car in three days, then we can guarantee you one, if you contact us for further details.

Are there any advantages to renting a car for extended periods?
Yes. You can rent a car at Europcar through LetsGo. The price is 5 to 30 % lower compared to other car rental prices but depends on the type of car you want to rent.
It is not possible to rent electric cars.
Your LetsGo insurance does also cover when renting these cars.

How long do I need to book a car for?
The minimum you can rent a car for is an hour.

Do I need to return the car to the same place as the pick up when my booking ends?
Yes. That is how our service works. It insures that the next member knows, where the car can be picked up.


Who cleans the cars, and can I smoke in them?
Whoever made the car dirty must clean it. You can use the cars fuel card to buy a vacuuming token and a carwash – LetsGo pays the bill.
Our service team try to clean and check up on all the cars once a month.
Our cars are non-smoking cars, which means strictly no smoking in the car. Not out the window either.

Do the cars have any extra equipment?
The Combi-X and 7-person cars have a tow hitch, bicycle rack and lightboard.
All box vans have a tow hitch, but no bicycle rack nor lightboard.
Cars marked with an X for extra equipment, have a tow hitch, bicycle rack and a lightboard.
None of our cars have baby seats or roof racks. Baby seats can easily be used in the cars, as many of them have an isofix setting. Roof racks may be mounted if you don’t damage the cars.
All cars will be provided with winter tyres during the winter season.

Who can use the cars?
Only registered members can use the cars.

What can I not use the cars for?
You cannot use the cars to transport people, goods or cargo against payment, no matter if it is directly or indirectly paid.
You cannot use the cars for entrepreneur driving, or transport goods or food that cause odours or unusual wear and tear.

Are pets allowed in the car?
You can have pets in the car, as long as they are transported in their own transport boxes and you clean the car thoroughly afterwards.


What if the car already has damages, when I pick it up?
If you pick up a car with damages, then please refer to damage note in the car. This needs to be checked before driving. With new damages a damage report is filled out.

What happens, if I damage the car?
The insurance covers damages made by you or anyone else. The insurance comes with your membership.
Please report the damages to LetsGo through a damage report.
If the car breaks down, then immediately contact the emergency phone.


Our cars in Copenhagen have a parking license. This means you can park for free on all public parking spaces in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipality. The only exception is Red Zone in the Copenhagen city centre, where you must pay the usual parking fee between 10 am and 05 pm on weekdays. Parking is free between 08 am and 10 am and after 05 pm on weekdays as well as in the weekends.

Aarhus and Odense
Our cars in Aarhus and Odense have a parking license, which is valid in the area the car is placed, but not in the city centre.

Private parking spaces
On the private parking spaces or in carparks, which are operated by private parking firms etc., rules must be followed. If there are parking fees, they need to be paid.

Parking tickets
If you get a parking ticket, you must pay it yourself. If LetsGo needs to pay the ticket there will be an additional fee on 200 kr.